We are not safe from harmful chemicals. They are everywhere – in your food, in your car, in the air – toxins don’t need to find a way into your body, they’re already there. Scientists have found traces of hazardous toxins in umbilical cords of newborn babies! Unless we take measures to regularly remove these toxins from our bodies, they are going to keep accumulating toward one or multiple health afflictions.

Researchers Bruce Lourie and Rick Smith, through some experiments on real people including (but not limited to) themselves, found out some revealing points about detoxing.

This article from Everyday Health shares the key points of their research.

7 Detox Tips From Scientists Who Actually Tried Them

One of the realities of 2014 is that when a baby is born, he or she has already been exposed to toxic chemicals. The evidence is in umbilical cords, which research has confirmed contain pesticides, waste from burning coal and gasoline, and garbage. Even if you try to do everything right (eat organic, buy natural products, live in a cabin in the middle of the woods, etc.), you can’t avoid all of the chemicals that have become pervasive.
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